Comfortable Co-Sleeping: Advantages of an Alberta King Bed for Parents & Kids

In the early chapters of human history, sleep was a communal experience, allowing families to nestle close together and find safety in their shared warmth. As time passed, we moved away from these traditions, embracing the solitude of our sleep.

However, our brains are still wired in a way where we can benefit from safety and stronger bonds supported by co-sleeping. That’s why many families have started sleeping together, embracing the comfort and closeness of their loved ones.

Co-sleeping is rooted in the core of our beings, but you must have a big enough sleeping surface that provides enough space for everyone. And the Alberta King bed offers just that.

Now, let’s see how big the Alberta King bed is, how it compares to other giant mattresses, and how it can help your family to embrace co-sleeping.

Advantages of Co-Sleeping

Here’s why you should try co-sleeping:

Stronger Bonds

Co-sleeping on a giant bed supports the deepening of emotional connections among family members. Sharing close moments can help build a foundation of trust and intimacy. In addition, co-sleeping allows parents to tend to the needs of their children more easily, offering them immediate comfort.

Feeling Secure

As daytime creatures, we are naturally scared of the dark. This fear is particularly present in children, who often climb into their parents’ bed at night because they feel scared. Co-sleeping cultivates a sense of safety for children, allowing them to relax and fall asleep more easily. This also eases anxiety for the parents, as they can see firsthand how their little ones are sleeping.

Family Unity

Co-sleeping allows spontaneous moments and interactions that create family unity. Something like a shared laugh, bedtime story, morning cuddles, or a soothing presence of a family pet can become a cherished memory for every family member. In addition, this closeness supports sibling relationships and fosters camaraderie that transcends bedtime.

Better Quality Sleep

When you co-sleep on an Alberta King bed, there is enough room for everyone to get comfortable without disrupting each other. Combining that extra space with the increased sense of security and comfort gives you a better sleep quality for you and your children alike. So, if your little ones are often restless at night, co-sleeping on an Alberta King bed could be the solution.

Synchronizing Routines

Improving sleep quality has a lot to do with creating the right routines. Your bedtime routine should include relaxing activities that help you unwind and promote sleepiness. Co-sleeping on an Alberta King bed helps synchronize the internal clocks of your family members, allowing everyone to be on the same schedule. In addition, co-sleeping helps create better morning rituals, as waking up together helps promote a positive and supportive mindset.

Reclaiming Tradition

When you embrace co-sleeping on an oversize mattress, you revive the ancestral tradition of shared sleep experience. It strengthens the sense of unity and togetherness woven into the fabric of human connection, making us more empathetic and positive.

Alberta King Bed: A Spacious Comfort for Co-Sleeping

The Alberta King bed measures an impressive 96” x 96”, offering a massive sleep surface that can accommodate parents, children, and even four-legged family members. This giant mattress ensures that each family member gets enough space to find the most comfortable position, which promotes restful sleep without compromising closeness.

At Alaskan King Bed Company, we are dedicated to crafting premium quality family-size mattresses. That includes our Alaskan King Mini, which is the same size as the Alberta King (8 feet by 8 feet). So, if you’re looking for a square family King bed that can become the centerpiece of your bedroom, Alaskan King Mini is a perfect choice.

Now, let’s see how this giant mattress compares to our standardized bed sizes.

The two largest beds you can find in most stores are the California King (72” x 84”) and Standard King bed (76” x 80”). Compared to them, Alaskan King Mini offers a much larger sleep surface, so big it can accommodate the sleep of two adults, one to two children, and pets.

Alberta King vs. Other Giant Mattresses: What’s the Biggest King-Size Mattress?

Alberta King is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a bigger-than-king mattress. However, it isn’t the only giant mattress you can get. Let’s see how it compares to other popular family-size beds.

Wyoming King Bed

Coming from the beautiful landscapes of Wyoming, the Wyoming King bed provides a sleep surface of 84” by 84”. This huge bed was inspired by families sleeping together in harsh Wyoming winters to overcome the cold. So, this bed provides extra sleeping space that can be great for smaller families.

When it comes to size, Alberta King is a whole foot longer and wider than Wyoming King, making it more suitable for families that need a bigger sleeping surface.

Texas King Bed

Everything is indeed bigger in Texas. A perfect example is the Texas King bed (80” x 98), which is 8” wider and 14” longer than the California King bed. Texas King is suitable for small families, tall people, couples that need extra sleeping space, or people with pets that like to sleep at the foot of the bed.

Alberta King is 16” wider and 2” shorter than Texas King. The bigger sleeping surface and a more appealing square shape make Alberta King bed a more suitable choice for most families.

Alaskan King Bed

The Alaskan King is the true epitome of a giant bed, with dimensions of 108” x 108”. That’s a whole foot longer and wider than the Alberta King bed, which brings more space for close family moments.

Alaskan King is a perfect family-size bed because it can comfortably sleep two adults and several children and pets. The great thing is that we handcraft Alaskan King mattresses in several sizes so that you can select the perfect one based on your family’s sleeping needs and your bedroom dimensions.

Which One Takes the Crown as the Biggest King-Size Mattress?

So, is Alaskan King the biggest King-Size Mattress?

The standard Alaskan King is 108” wide and 108” long. In comparison, a Family XL Mattress is 144” inches wide and 84” long. That creates a slightly bigger sleeping surface for co-sleeping and family activities.

However, we’ve decided to take family co-sleeping to a whole new level with our Alaskan King Biggie. Alaskan King Biggie is 144” wide and 108” long, which makes it the biggest King-size mattress on the market.

Promoting Healthy Co-Sleeping Habits

Co-sleeping can bring families closer together, but there are certain concerns about safety and sleep disruptions. That’s particularly the case if you want to co-sleep with babies, small children, or small pets. The important thing is to make co-sleeping on a giant mattress safe with a few preparations and practices.

First, you need to ensure that your oversize King mattress is firm and big enough to create a designated sleeping space for everyone. Avoid heavy blankets and pillows around toddlers or small children, as they can obstruct their breathing at night.

Remember, co-sleeping is all about comfort and safety. So, invest in quality sheets and other bedding accessories to turn your giant bed into a more enjoyable sleeping space.

It’s also important to create a relaxing bedroom atmosphere that promotes sleepiness. You can do that by dimming the lights in the evening, installing blackout curtains, using a white noise machine, and adjusting your thermostat to the best temperature for sleep.

Gradually introduce children to the concept of independent sleep, helping them feel secure and helping them learn how to self-soothe at night. For older children, you need to establish boundaries and regular sleep routines.

Consistency in bedtime routines helps signal to the body that it’s time to wind down, promoting relaxation and better sleep quality. These routines can include activities like reading a bedtime story, cuddling, puzzles, playing a bedtime game, or engaging in gentle stretches.

Following a fixed sleeping schedule helps synchronize the body’s internal clock, which supports our natural sleep-wake cycle and ensures restorative sleep.

Embrace Co-Sleeping on an Alberta King Bed

The Alberta King bed is one of the biggest mattresses you can buy. Its eight feet by eight feet surface is big enough to accommodate a whole family with pets. Co-sleeping on an Alberta King mattress could help strengthen family bonds, build unity, make your kids feel safe, improve sleep quality, and synchronize your sleeping routines.

So, if you’re looking for a co-sleeping sanctuary that rekindles tradition, nurtures bonds, and enriches the art of family slumber, Alberta King is the right choice, and you can find these giant mattresses in our online store (select Alaskan King Mini size from the dropdown menu).