The Complete Guide to Buying an Alaskan King Bed and Mattress in 2024

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Alaskan King Mattresses


The Complete Guide to Buying an Alaskan King Bed and Mattress in 2024

The Origins of the Alaskan King Bed

Historically, twin and full beds have dominated American bedrooms. In fact, it wasn’t until relatively recently in the 1940s that the modern king-sized bed was introduced to households. Since then, the King mattress has, quite literally, reigned king. That is, until the development of the California King in the 1960s.

After the California King became popular across the United States and around the world, it became the new standard for big beds. However, that wasn’t for long because our appetite for big beds started to grow. Other ‘state’ beds were soon born, like the Alaskan King.

But unlike the California King bed — which was named for its place of origin — the Alaskan King was named for its size. Alaska, which is double the size of Texas, is the largest US state by far. So, Alaskan King is a fitting name for this massive 9-foot by 9-foot mattress.

How Does the Alaskan King Mattress Compare to Other Mattresses?

Like most people, you probably already know about the classic mattress sizes Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King. But, once you get up to the size of a King and above, the sizing starts to get a little bit confusing, sometimes the difference only being a few inches.

Here, we have created a comprehensive guide to help you understand the differences between the biggest mattresses you can find. 

1. The King Mattress

Dimensions: 6.3x6.6 feet or 76”x80”
King compared to the Alaskan King: Nearly three feet shorter and more narrow

The size of a King mattress is 76 inches wide and 80 inches long, making it a whole 16 inches wider than the Queen mattress. It’s about the size of two Twin mattresses side by side.

As the ‘traditional’ large mattress, the King bed is designed to be roomy enough for two people. As a general rule of thumb, your bedroom should be at least 12 feet by 12 feet to properly accommodate its size.

2. The California King Mattress

Dimensions: 6x7 feet or 72”x84”
California King compared to the Alaskan King: Two feet shorter and three feet more narrow

This mattress was initially introduced on the West Coast but has become beloved across the country and around the world for its oversized dimensions. Measuring 72 inches by 84 inches, the California King is four inches narrower and four inches longer than your traditional King mattress.

Because of this additional length, the California King is ideal for tall people. The California King is not as wide, which allows you to have a bit more floor space in the bedroom compared to a traditional King mattress.

Lastly, the California King is only comfortable for two people, whereas the larger mattresses we list below can comfortably fit children and pets, too.

3. The Texas King Mattress

Dimensions: 6.6x 8.1 feet or 80”x98”
Texas King Compared to the Alaskan King Mattress: A foot shorter and three feet more narrow

True to its name, the Texas King mattress comes from Texas, where everything is bigger. The best part about the Texas King is the length it provides, while the width is the same as a traditional King mattress.

The Texas King is 8 feet long, which is 18 inches longer than a standard King. That makes it great for people who are over 6 feet and need that extra space to spread out.

But, because the Texas King mattress is relatively narrow, it is an excellent choice for people who don’t have big bedrooms but could really use the length.

4. The Wyoming King Mattress

Dimensions: 7x7 feet or 84”x84”
Wyoming King Compared to the Alaskan King Mattress: Two feet shorter and two feet more narrow

Because the Wyoming King Mattress is larger than the traditional King and California King mattresses, it is suitable for people who want or need more space. That includes tall people and people who sleep with kids or their pets.

While the King and California King will only fit two adults, the Wyoming King can comfortably fit two adults and a small child or a pet. That’s because the Wyoming King is an entire foot wider than the already big California King. However, keep in mind they are the same length.

The Wyoming King is also a great option for people who have large master suites. This oversize mattress can help fill up space in a large room, where the space might eat up other beds.

The general rule of thumb here is that a bedroom should be 12 x 12 feet to accommodate a King or California King. But for a Wyoming King, you need at least 14 x 14 feet of space to accommodate it adequately. So, if you put a Wyoming King in a 12 x 12-foot room, you’ll have just 5 feet of space surrounding the bed, which can feel a little tight.

5. The Alaskan King Mattress

Dimensions: 9x9 feet or 108”x108”
Alaskan King specifications:
  • Easily fits four adults or two adults and children
  • Incredible legroom
  • Great for couples who sleep with pets
  • Ideal for large bedrooms

Not many people have heard of the Alaskan King bed, probably because not everyone can accommodate one in their home. However, the Alaskan King mattress is a godsend for so many different types of people and families.

The Alaskan King mattress is one of the biggest mattresses you can find on the market, measuring in at a gigantic 9 x 9 feet. Because of its exceptional size, an Alaskan King bed is so large it can accommodate up to four adults or two adults and a few children or pets. That’s why it is typically referred to as a ‘family bed.’ However, you can get one if you just like extra sleeping space.

Finally, the Alaskan King mattress is ideal for extremely tall people because it offers the most legroom by far — beating the Wyoming King by a foot.

But before you consider buying an Alaskan King Mattress, you should ensure you have the bedroom space to fit it. Your bedroom should be at least 16 x 16 feet so that you have enough room to move around the bed and fit other furniture in the room.

The Alaskan King Mattress on our Archie Bed Frame

People Who Will Love the Alaskan King Mattress

  • Couples who sleep with their pets and/or children
  • Couples with differing sleep schedules
  • Partners who need a lot of space to sleep
  • People with guest rooms for groups of guests such as relatives
  • Taller or larger individuals who aren’t comfortable on smaller mattresses
  • People who can afford it, have enough space, and enjoy the luxury of a massive bed

The Pros and Cons of the Alaskan King Bed

Before buying an Alaskan King bed, you should weigh all the pros and cons. Here, we have compiled a list of the most important things you need to consider.

Pros of the Alaskan King:

  • As one of the largest available beds, the Alaskan King provides ample space for sleepers who move a lot
  • It’s perfect for taller and larger individuals who need more legroom or space to spread out
  • It’s great for family co-sleeping as it can comfortably accommodate couples who sleep with children or pets.
  • It is also perfect for groups of relatives staying the night
  • An Alaskan King can help take up more space in large bedrooms
  • Luxurious size that makes you feel like royalty

The Cons of an Alaskan King:

  • It can be hard to find, as you won’t find an Alaskan King in regular retail stores
  • It’s more expensive than regular-sized beds
  • The large size means you need a large bedroom
  • Getting bed frames, sheets, comforters, and other items that fit your bed can be more challenging (But you can find it all on our website)
  • It’s somewhat difficult to transport because Alaskan Kings are heavy and large. So, if you are moving, you may have a hard time transporting this mattress to a new home.

    The Benefits of the Alaskan King Mattress

    Here are some key ways an Alaskan King mattress can help you get a better night’s rest:

    1. You and your partner can spread out on an Alaskan King.

    The biggest advantage of the Alaskan King mattress is the extra-large sleep surface. The 9 x 9-foot bed gives you and your partner plenty of room to spread out and sleep comfortably. This is ideal for couples who get cold or overheated easily or deal with restless sleep (like tossing and turning) that wakes the other person.

    2. The Alaskan King has room for your whole family.

    With an Alaskan King mattress, you can easily fit your kids and fur babies in bed with you. A general rule of thumb is that you can easily accommodate four adults on an Alaskan King bed. So, this oversized mattress has enough room for two adults, a few kids, or pets.

    3. The quality of an Alaskan King is unmatched.

    At Alaskan King Beds Company, our Alaskan king mattresses are thoughtfully designed and masterfully crafted to be comfortable and supportive. It takes at least three pairs of skilled hands and more than 10 hours to ensure even the smallest details are crafted to perfection.

    Our mattresses are handcrafted right here in the United States. They feature our PostureSupport™ core and HyperCool™ foam comfort layers for ultimate comfort and temperature control.  

      Why Families Choose the Alaskan King Mattress

      The Alaskan King mattress is the perfect choice for families who share a bed. Whether you like snuggling in bed to watch movies or keeping your kids close at night, the Alaskan King mattress gives you ample room for the most important people in your life.

      This giant bed is also a favorite for pet owners who constantly deal with cats, dogs, and other animals who snuggle up and sprawl out, taking up precious space and legroom. With an Alaskan King, there is room for you and your pets to have a better night’s sleep.

      Because the Alaskan King is 9 feet by 9 feet, there is plenty of room for your entire family – whether they are your kids or furry friends.

      What Bed Frame do you Need for an Alaskan King Mattress?

      Unfortunately, you can’t walk into a typical mattress or department store and order a bed frame for an Alaskan King mattress. However, many Alaskan King mattress owners order a custom-built bed frame. While this may seem like a hassle, it is an excellent opportunity to get a bed frame made to your exact specifications.

      Some giant mattress manufacturers like the Alaskan King Bed Company also craft fitting bed frames, so you don’t have to search long. We currently have several Alaskan King bed frame options: 


      This bed frame radiates luxury, as a tufted headboard was once reserved for royalty only. Our Kincaid bed frame is handmade to order right here in North Carolina by our expert artisans. This timeless model is a product of exceptional craftsmanship and design, which is why it provides incredible sturdiness and durability.

      You can order the Kincaid bed frame in light gray, sand, steel, and snow colors.


      Our Platform bed frame is the perfect option for all minimalistic design lovers. The Platform is also handcrafted in our facility in North Carolina, and its elegant vibe can fit inside any bedroom.

      With expert craftsmanship and premium materials, your Platform bed frame is guaranteed to last a long time.


      The Alpine bed frame embraces simplicity with a premium-quality, handcrafted product. It’s built from poplar and maple hardwood and upholstered with soft fabric in various colors, making the Alpine bed frame sturdy and durable. Its sleek headboard design seamlessly fits into any bedroom, making it the perfect foundation for your Alaskan King mattress.


      Inspired by a small fishing town in Alaska, the Cordova bed frame exudes simplicity with scallop corners. Handcrafted to order in North Carolina using poplar, maple hardwood, and dowels, the Cordova bed frame ensures incredible durability. The stunning design and top-quality fabrics provide the perfect minimalistic look for your bedroom.


      The Kodiak bed frame features a simplistic design that radiates subtle luxury. It’s handcrafted to order by artisans in North Carolina, using dowels for superior sturdiness. The Kodiak bed frame is finished with high-quality fabrics in a selection of colors, creating an heirloom-quality choice for your Alaskan King bed.


      Inspired by a small fishing town in Alaska, the Kenai bed frame offers nothing small in terms of design and durability. Handcrafted to order in North Carolina, this bed frame features crisp lines and smooth contours. It’s built with poplar, maple hardwood, and dowels for extra sturdiness.


      The Elias bed frame combines the best features of the Kodiak and Kincaid models. It is a sturdy foundation for your Alaskan King mattress. It is handcrafted from poplar and maple hardwood and reinforced with dowels for structural integrity. Kodiak is upholstered in a selection of colors, making this heirloom-quality bed frame a unique addition to your bedroom’s atmosphere.


      Fit for a king – or better yet, an Alaskan King – the Augustine bed frame is a blend of beauty and comfort. Crafted by skilled artisans using poplar and maple hardwood for sturdiness, the Augustine bed frame is upholstered with high-quality fabrics. Vertical lines on both the headboard and footboard add sophistication to any bedroom.


      The Archie bed frame is a blend of tradition and master craftsmanship that shows the incredible skills of our North Carolina artisans.

      This bed frame features an arched, diamond-tufted headboard. The artisans employ poplar and maple hardwood reinforced by dowels, creating a bed frame of remarkable sturdiness and endurance. It’s upholstered with top-quality fabrics, adding a touch of luxury to the Archie bed frame without compromising on its timeless appeal. That makes it become a statement of refined taste in your bedroom.


      The Huxley bed frame, named after Mount Huxley in Alaska, offers a unique touch to your sleep space. Handcrafted by skilled artisans in North Carolina, this exclusive bed frame boasts a sun-like headboard that exudes warmth and comfort.

      The careful use of poplar and maple hardwood, connected by dowels, ensures a robust and durable structure. Premium-quality fabrics add the final touch, making the Huxley bed frame a distinctive foundation for your Alaskan King bed and providing a serene touch to your bedroom.


      Crafted by our skilled artisans using poplar and maple hardwood, the Marshall bed frame is designed to stand the test of time. It features a rectangle headboard design, which effortlessly complements modern bedrooms. Elevate your sleep space with Marshall, where durability meets contemporary aesthetics for your Alaskan King.


      Indulge in luxury with the Marlow bed frame, meticulously handcrafted by our skilled artisans using poplar and maple hardwood. This Alaskan King bed frame, built to last a lifetime, showcases a lavish headboard design framed with premium-quality wood. Marlow stands out among premium bed frames, offering additional sophistication to those seeking more luxury in their bedroom.


      Unleash your artistic flair with the Deco bed frame, handcrafted by our artisans using poplar and maple hardwood for enduring quality. Designed to last a lifetime, Deco features a chic, uneven, wavy headboard design, adding a touch of avant-garde to your space. Perfect for artsy individuals and those seeking an untraditional design, Deco becomes a unique and stylish addition to your Alaskan King mattress.

      The Alaskan King Mattress on our Cordova Bed Frame

      Bedding for an Oversized Mattress

      Oversized bedding, such as sheets, comforters, and duvets, are often unavailable for giant beds. In many cases, these sheets or covers need to be custom-made. You can do this by giving your local tailor the bed measurements. They will ensure the blanket or duvet cover is large enough to fit the bed. Usually, the rule of thumb is to add 16 inches to the width and 12 inches to the length.

      If that seems like too much hassle, we’ve got your back. At the Alaskan King Bed Company, we craft 100% premium, long-staple Egyptian cotton or bamboo sheet sets. These premium materials are breathable and durable, offering a uniquely soft feel. Each Alaskan King sheet set contains one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, and four pillowcases.

      You can choose between four colors: white, light gray, dark gray, and navy blue.

      In addition to Alaskan King sheet sets, we offer oversized duvet comforters and mattress protectors.

      Finding Your Alaskan King Mattress

      After reading all of this information, do you think that an Alaskan King Mattress could be the perfect addition to your bedroom? Whether you need more space to accommodate your kids, more legroom for your pets, or simply want a giant bed, the Alaskan King bed is a perfect choice.

      Luckily, there is an increasing number of custom mattress manufacturers offering the Alaskan king and other oversized beds. At the Alaskan King Bed Company, we focus on two things: size and quality. That’s why we handcraft Alaskan King Mattresses and everything else for this oversized bed.

      In addition, we are able to offer you better prices, despite providing a premium quality product. That’s because we cut out the middleman and retail stores by selling directly to you, which allows us to offer lower prices.

      We also exclusively source our raw materials in the US and work with a manufacturer in North Carolina. That means we don’t have to pay expensive overseas shipping and have stricter material quality control.

      Key Features of Our Giant Mattresses

      • Our Alaskan king beds are thoughtfully designed and masterfully crafted to be comfortable and supportive. 
      • It takes at least three pairs of skilled hands and more than 10 hours to ensure even the smallest details are crafted to perfection.
      • At the core of all of our Alaskan Beds is our exclusive PostureSupport™ foam base that prevents sagging and sinking while offering full support.
      • On top of it lies our Hypercool™, which provides pressure point relief and sleeps cool.
      • All our models are finished with top-quality materials that are breathable and soft to the touch.

      Our Custom-Built Alaskan King Mattresses

      The Alaskan King Bed Company currently handcrafts three mattress models: The Original, The Luxe, and The Grand Luxe.

      The Original

      The Original Alaskan King Mattress is the first model we’ve ever designed. The PostureSupportTM base and HypercoolTM foam provide a firm and supportive surface for all sleepers. In addition, it offers excellent pressure relief, while the quilted organic cotton cover gives it a luxurious finishing touch.

      The Luxe

      The Luxe mattress is handcrafted layer upon layer of the world’s finest materials to provide maximum pressure relief, extraordinary support, and unsurpassed comfort. Inside, you’ll find PostureSupportTM base, natural latex support layers for better durability and airflow, and HypercoolTM for ultimate pressure point relief and comfort. Outside, you have a white diamond border design with a cashmere cover that will remain cool even during the hottest summer days.

      The Grand Luxe

      With The Grand Luxe, you can spend your nights dreaming atop layers of natural latex, the finest natural support system in the world. An innovative open cell structure allows excellent airflow and responsive support, improving pressure point relief. Memory foam comfort layers are covered with luxurious cashmere, adding even more temperature regulation and creating a perfect surface for better sleep.

      Frequently Asked Questions About Alaskan King Beds

      1. What are the standard mattress sizes?

      The US has six standard mattress sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King. Queen-size mattresses are the most popular because they are large enough for couples but also provide solo sleepers more room to spread out. Sometimes, Queen mattresses can be found in a slightly larger option, called an Olympic queen, which measures 66 inches by 80 inches—making it 6 inches wider than a standard queen.

      2. Is there anything bigger than a King mattress?

      Yes. Although the King is the largest standardized mattress you can find, mattresses bigger than the King are available via select retailers and manufacturers. That includes the Texas King, Wyoming King, Alberta King, and the biggest of them all, the Alaskan King.

      3. What is an Alaskan King bed size?

      The original Alaskan King bed is 9 x 9 feet or 108” x 108”. However, we now offer five additional sizes:

      • Alaskan King Mini (96” x 96”)
      • Alaskan King Shorty (108” x 80”)
      • Alsakan King Shorty L (108” x 84”)
      • Alaskan King Shorty XL (108” x 96”)
      • Alaskan King Biggie (144” x 108”)

      4. What is bigger than an Alaskan king?

      The world of giant mattresses is pretty big, and some manufacturers make bigger models than the Alaskan King. One option is a Family XL mattress that’s 144 inches wide and 80 inches long. So it’s a full 36” wider than the Alaskan King but also a 28” shorter.

      Another one is Alaskan King Biggie, measuring a massive 144” by 108” sleep surface.

      5. What’s the biggest size bed?

      The Alaskan King Biggie is the biggest bed on the market. It measures 144 inches by 108 inches, offering a sleep surface enough to accommodate the whole family.

      6. Is an Alaskan King bed luxurious?

      Absolutely. The Alaskan King bed is large, beautiful, and luxurious. These beds are custom-made to order, so there is no doubt you are getting a one-of-a-kind product.

      7. How much does an Alaskan King bed cost?

      An Alaskan king-size mattress usually costs between $3,000 and $7,000. This price can go higher if you plan to get a higher-end luxury mattress. Be prepared to spend even more if you also need to buy a bed frame, headboard, sheets, blankets, and duvets.


      Experience the luxury of an Alaskan King Sized Bed