Alberta King vs The Alaskan King Mini - What's The Difference?

Spoiler: They're both 96" x 96"

Oversized beds are becoming a popular sleeping choice for many families as they provide additional room and comfort for all family members. Several mattresses belong in this collection, including the Alaskan king, Alberta king, Wyoming king, and Texas king. Although the Alaskan king is the biggest of the bunch, the Alberta king takes a comfortable second place. Read on to learn all about the Alberta king mattresses and where to find them.

Alaskan King Mattresses


Alberta King vs The Alaskan King Mini - What's The Difference?

How Big Is the Alberta King Mattress?

The Alberta king mattress is 96” wide and 96” long. These square-shaped beds look good and fit well in most bedrooms. The rooms just need to be big enough, 13x13 feet at least to be precise.

How Does Alberta King Mattress Compare to Other “Kings”?

At 8x8 feet, the Alberta king bed is exactly one foot wider and longer than the Wyoming king and one foot shorter and narrower than the Alaskan king. The Texas king is two inches wider and 16 inches shorter.

Compared to the standard king-sized bed, the Alberta king bed is 20” longer and 16” wider. This size comparison should help you realize just how big this bed is.

How Many People Can Sleep on the Alberta King Mattress?

The Alberta king bed is perfect for families as it can comfortably accommodate two adults and one to two children. In addition, any pets can join the sleeping party as there is more than enough space at the foot of the bed.

However, this mattress is not exclusively for families. It is also an excellent choice for tall people who need an extra-long bed. Or couples who like to spread out during the night with enough room to do so without waking up their partner.

What Is the Alaskan King Mini Mattress?

Inside our selection of sizes, the Alaskan king mini mattress measures 96” in length and width. So, our Alaskan king mini is the same as the Alberta king mattress.

The Alberta king is the least common oversized mattress, so finding it can be difficult. However, our Alaskan king mini is the perfect option for anyone looking for a large square-shaped family bed.

Can the Alaskan Mini/Alberta King Bed Fit Inside my Bedroom?

A standard 11x12 feet bedroom can’t accommodate an Alberta king bed AKA Alaskan King Mini bed. That’s why your room needs to be at least 13x13 feet to fit it comfortably.

People are also worried about how a mattress this big can fit through their door. We fold our mattresses carefully and place them inside smaller boxes for easier transportation and delivery. You can easily carry the packages through a standard door and unpack them in your bedroom.

Are Sheets and Accessories Hard to Find for an Oversized Bed?

Yes, it’s not easy to find sheets and other bed accessories as most stores only have products that fit standard bed sizes. So, shopping for these items could be a minor hassle, but we are going to tell you a little secret.

The Alaskan King Bed Company has sheets and mattress protectors in any oversize you want. You can easily pick the dimensions you need, color, and other important features, and we’ll ship these accessories to your door.

Where Can I Find the Alberta/Alaskan King Mini Mattress?

Like we already mentioned, you can find the Alaskan king mini mattress here at the Alaskan King Bed Company. We craft these mattresses with the utmost care and attention to detail, which is why you will always get a product that exceeds all the industry standards.

Forget about mass-produced mattresses and aching back in the morning. Get our Alaskan king mini, and rediscover the world of uninterrupted sleep.

The best times happen in the bedroom.