Vermont King vs The Alaskan King Mini - What's The Difference?

Spoiler: They're both 96" x 96"

Imagine a place where your whole family can sleep together. That’s exactly what oversized beds offer, as their additional room and comfort are unmatched by any standardized bed. Several mattresses fall into this category, including the Alaskan king, Vermont king, Wyoming king, and Texas king. The Alaskan king is the biggest among the family-sized beds, but the Vermont king and Alaskan king mini come in a close second. Read on to learn more about the Vermont king mattress and where to find it.

Alaskan King Mattresses


Vermont King vs The Alaskan King Mini - What's The Difference?

How Big Is the Vermont King Mattress?

The Vermont king mattress is pretty big, with a sleeping surface of 9,216 inches. It is 96” wide and 96” long, making it one of the few square-shaped oversized beds. That allows it to fit into your interior nicely, creating the ultimate sleep sanctuary.

How Does Vermont King Mattress Compare to Other “Kings”?

A standard king-sized bed is 76” wide and 80” long. So, the Vermont king is 16” inches longer and 20” wider than the standard king size you can find in most mattress stores. Compared to other oversized beds, the Vermont king mattress is one foot shorter and narrower than the Alaskan king and one foot longer and wider than the Wyoming king.

Texas king is 80” long and 98” wide, so it’s 2” wider and 16” inches shorter than the Vermont king. So, if you are looking for a big mattress, Vermont king is the second biggest option out there.

How Many People Can Sleep on the Vermont King Bed?

The Vermont king can comfortably accommodate two adults, one to two kids, and any additional pets. That’s why it is the perfect bed for families looking to snuggle together and experience greater comfort.

Vermont king is also an excellent option for couples who need extra sleeping space due to different sleeping schedules. That way, you or your partner can get in and out of bed without disturbing each other. In addition, Vermont king is perfect for extra tall individuals looking for more leg space or people who like to sleep in a starfish position.

What Is the Alaskan King Mini Mattress?

The Alaskan king mini is the same as the Vermont king, as it measures 96” in length and width. The only difference is the name.

In addition to these two, you may run into the Alberta king mattress, which is also 96” wide and 96” long. So, if you are looking to buy a new oversized bed, remember that the Alaskan king mini, Alberta king, and Vermont king are all the same size.

Can the Alaskan Mini/Vermont King Bed Fit Inside my Bedroom?

The Vermont king or Alaskan king mini can’t fit into a standard 11x12 feet bedroom because it needs at least 13x13 feet to fit comfortably. So, this size is reserved for master bedrooms and bigger than average bedrooms.

If you are worried about getting this massive mattress through the door, we’ve got you covered. We carefully fold our oversized mattresses into delivery-friendly boxes you can easily fit through a standard door.


Where Can I Find Sheets and Accessories for a Family-Sized Bed?

Most stores only have sheets and accessories that fit standard mattress sizes, so finding these items for an oversized bed may be a bit of a hassle. However, the Alaskan King Bed Company is here to bring you top-quality sheets and mattress protectors in all sizes.

We let you select dimensions, color, and other features and ship finished custom-built products directly to your door. That way, you get to discover the unmatched quality of our products without having to leave the comfort of your home.

Where Can I Find Vermont King/Alaskan King Mini Mattress?

At the Alaskan King Bed Company website, you can find a premium selection of our handcrafted Alaskan king mini mattresses. We craft all of our products with quality materials and the utmost care, paying attention to every little detail.

We are excited for you to feel the quality of our premium mattresses and let you discover a one-of-a-king sleeping experience. The moment you lay down on our Alaskan king mini mattress, you won’t be able to get back to mass-produced beds and constant fatigue. Get our Alaskan king mini, and finally get the restful sleep you deserve.

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