Alaskan King vs Family XL Mattress: Which One Should You Get?

Spending time together as a family and creating shared memories is one of the most important things. But keeping your kids off their phones and getting them away from the hypnotic grasp of technology is not an easy task.

One of the ways to do it is to embrace co-sleeping as a unique way to nurture close connections and build stronger relationships with your kids.

The secret to sleeping together is to get a family-size bed. And the two biggest options on the market are Alaskan King and Family XL mattresses.

Let’s see how Alaskan King and Family XL mattresses compare and which one you should get to optimize your family’s sleep.

Why You Should Get a Family-Size Bed

Getting a family-size bed can turn nightmarish sleeping rituals into relaxed and distraction-free nights.

Here are some advantages of getting a giant mattress:

1. Ample Space for Better Comfort

If you want to create a comfortable co-sleeping environment, you must ensure that everyone has enough space to get comfy and find their perfect sleeping position without disturbing others.

Family-size beds are larger than standard King and California King beds you can find in traditional stores. The Alaskan King bed is so big it can comfortably accommodate two adults and several children and pets. And the Family XL mattress is even wider!

So, upgrading to an oversize mattress can do wonders for your family’s sleep. No more elbowing or kicking battles—it’s a sleeping sanctuary with enough room for everyone to get comfortable.

2. Improved Sleep Quality

A giant mattress means less disturbance, so no more unexpected jabs or stolen blankets. The extra space allows each family member to find the best sleep position and accommodates different body types, ensuring everyone wakes up refreshed.

Eliminating these disruptions and getting enough sleep is vital for everyone, especially growing children. Otherwise, they risk developing behavioral problems, performing worse at school, and experiencing worse psychosocial health.

3. Fewer Distractions and More Connection

A great thing about sharing a bedtime is that you can create a sanctuary free from tech temptations. Limiting the use of phones and gadgets creates an environment conducive to genuine interactions, where you can talk openly with your partner and kids and deepen those connections.

In fact, bedtime is the perfect time to talk to your family because everyone can share their thoughts and emotions while staying in a safe and relaxed environment. That nurtures a sense of closeness, which will help your family grow together.

Lastly, screens emit blue light, which can significantly disrupt sleep quality. That’s one more reason to leave phones out of the bedroom.

4. Space for Family Activities

Your Alaskan King or Family XL mattress can be more than just a sleep sanctuary. It’s a place for shared activities and cherished moments. Imagine lazy Sunday mornings, movie marathons, family games, and impromptu pillow fights – the possibilities are endless.

This adds a whole other dimension to your family-size beds and contributes to strengthening your family’s bonds.

Alaskan King vs. Family XL Mattress: How Do They Compare?

Alaskan King and Family XL are the two biggest bed sizes you can find. Let’s see how they compare.

Size Comparison

The Family XL bed is 144 inches wide and 84 inches long, which makes it the widest bed on the market. Because of its massive sleeping surface, the Family XL mattress is suitable for big co-sleeping families with many children and pets.

In comparison, the Alaskan King is the longest mattress on the market, measuring at 108 inches by 108 inches (we also have other sizes). This oversized mattress is also suitable for big families that like to sleep together, especially if they have many pets.

Bedroom Size Requirements

Because Alaskan King and Family XL beds are so huge, you need a giant bedroom to fit them comfortably.

Your bedroom needs to be at least 14 feet by 14 feet to accommodate an Alaskan King bed. And that’s the bare minimum. We recommend at least 16’ by 16’ bedrooms for people looking to get this giant bed. Considering that a standard bedroom in the US is 11’ x 12’, Alaskan King is mainly reserved for master bedrooms.

For a Family XL bed, your bedroom needs to be at least 12’ x 17’. So, even a standard master bedroom that measures 14’ x 16’ isn’t big enough. That’s why people looking to get a Family XL bed should carefully measure their bedroom and figure out if they have enough room for this giant bed.

Sleeping Capacity

The Alaskan King mattress can accommodate up to four adults or two adults and several kids and pets. Because Alaskan King is so long, it is perfect for taller individuals and people with pets. Your furry friends can get comfy on the foot of the bed without taking over the whole sleeping surface.

The Family XL mattress is somewhat different because it’s so wide. That’s why it can be a great sleeping surface for up to five adults or two adults and several children and pets. However, keep in mind that it may not be the best option for taller people and anyone who needs extra legroom.

Bedding and Accessories

Buying suitable bedding and accessories for family-size beds can be a real hassle because you can’t just find them at any store. As a result, it may be challenging to transform your giant mattress into the comfortable oasis it should be.

At Alaskan King Bed Company, besides crafting Alaskan King mattresses, we offer premium quality bed frames, sheets, mattress protectors, and comforters in all Alaskan King sizes. That removes all the guesswork from finding everything you need to enjoy the most comfortable sleep on your family-size bed.

Finding the right accessories for a Family XL mattress may be a little more challenging, but it’s still possible. In fact, many Family XL mattress manufacturers also offer bedding and accessories in this oversize.

Overall Comfort

Although both Alaskan King and Family XL mattresses offer generous space for relaxation, there are many other things to consider besides size. Various factors, such as mattress type, quality of materials, size, firmness level, and individual preferences, determine how comfortable a mattress feels.

Other factors like foam density, coil systems, and specialized comfort layers also play a vital role in the overall comfort, support, and durability of a mattress.

But the most reliable way to evaluate the comfort of a mattress is to experience it firsthand by actually sleeping on it. Only then you truly estimate its ability to provide the necessary support, pressure relief, and overall comfort that aligns with your unique preferences and sleeping style.


Getting a family-size bed can create the perfect environment for co-sleeping that nurtures your family bonds and builds stronger relationships.

Alaskan King is the longest, while Family XL is the widest oversize bed on the market. That’s why your decision to get one or the other comes down to personal preferences like the size of your bedroom, the number of individuals sharing the bed, and specific comfort requirements.

The most important thing is to explore the possibilities, prioritize comfort, and choose a family-size bed that can take your family’s sleep experience to the next level and bring you closer together.

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