Alaskan Biggie vs Family-Size Mattress: What's the Biggest Bed You Can Buy?

Co-sleeping is a perfect chance to share precious moments and grow stronger bonds with your loved ones. However, cramped, restless nights on a standard bed can ruin all the fun, leaving you longing for more space to bond, giggle, and share bedtime stories with your little ones.

Although co-sleeping with your family can be the ultimate bonding experience, it can quickly become a nightmare if your bed doesn’t provide enough sleeping space.

That’s why you need something bigger – a giant mattress.

If you’re looking to go big in your home, Alaskan King Biggie and Family Bed XL are the two largest beds you can find. But which one is bigger?

Read on to learn all about Alaskan King Biggie and Family-Size Mattress to discover which giant mattress is the perfect option for your family.

How Big Is Family-Size Mattress?

A Family-Size Mattress fits a Family Bed that’s 120 inches wide and 80 inches long. This extra wide king-size bed can be a perfect haven for anyone looking for a giant sleeping surface. So, who is this bed for?

A Family-Size Bed is great for families looking to sync up their sleep schedules and explore the world of co-sleeping. After all, this giant mattress creates a perfect stage for unforgettable family bonding moments, where bedtime becomes a cherished family affair.

Sleeping together helps strengthen family bonds, helping your kids grow into well-adjusted adults. When you sleep together, your little ones feel safer and more comfortable, which ensures they get the rest they need for proper growth and development.

A Family-Size Bed is also an excellent option for pet lovers who need space for their furry companions. Or for couples who are restless sleepers and need extra space to avoid late-night elbow jabs. A Family-Size Mattress is bigger than a Twin XL and a standard King bed pushed together. So, you get the idea why we call it a giant mattress.

But, if you want to go even bigger, some manufacturers offer a Family Bed XL.

A Family Bed XL is big enough to fit a Family XL Mattress, which is 144 inches wide and 84 inches long. That makes it suitable for even bigger families that need extra room for several children and pets. Although Family XL Mattress has long been the biggest model you can find on the market (aside from custom-made ones), there is now an even larger option. Let’s meet the Alaskan King Biggie!

How Big Is Alaskan King Biggie?

The Alaskan King Biggie proudly holds the crown as the biggest king-size mattress on the market, measuring a staggering sleeping surface 144 inches wide and 108 inches long.

This massive sleep sanctuary is a dream come true for large families craving the ultimate sleeping and bonding experience. With enough room to host a slumber party for the whole neighborhood, the Alaskan King Biggie ensures that parents, kids, and furry friends have enough space to snuggle up and create cherished memories.

The great thing about giant mattresses is that they provide more than a place to rest. They are perfect for games, movie nights, cuddling up on a lazy morning, and other family activities.

Although the Alaskan King Biggie is the ultimate family bed, it is also suitable for others. For example, it’s perfect for restless couples who feel confined on standard beds and need more room to prevent an endless war over precious sleeping space. Or for couples on totally different sleep schedules who don’t want to wake their partner whenever they get in or out of bed.

Lastly, the most significant advantage of Alaskan King Biggie over Family XL Mattress is the extra 24” in length. This makes the Alaskan King Biggie a perfect bed for taller individuals tired of their feet hanging off the edge of the mattress. In addition, the extra room at the foot of the bed is ideal if your pets like to sleep near you but still have the option to leave the bed at night without disturbing you.

Is Your Bedroom Big Enough to Fit One of These Giant Beds?

In the land of giant beds, size does matter – and that includes your bedroom size! These oversized beds are not fit for your average bedroom. If you’re wondering whether your bedroom can accommodate one of these giants, fear not – we’ve got the details.

Here are the recommended bedroom sizes for Alaskan King Biggie, Family Bed, and Family Bed XL:

  • Family Bed: Your bedroom must be at least 12 x 9 feet. But to truly avoid any cramped vibes, aim for a bedroom size of 14 feet by 11 feet or more.
  • Family Bed XL: To comfortably fit this bed, aim for a bedroom size of at least 14 feet by 9 feet. However, your bedroom should be at least 16 x 11 feet if you like more free space.
  • Alaskan King Biggie: This giant requires a spacious master bedroom of at least 14 feet by 11 feet, and even better if you can boast a bedroom size of 16 feet by 13 feet. Let’s face it – this king deserves a kingdom!

For reference, the average bedroom size in the US is around 11 feet by 12 feet. So, a master bedroom is the only option to comfortably fit one of these giants. Just keep in mind that these oversized beds thrive in spacious bedrooms, where they can act as a luxurious centerpiece.


1. What is an Alaskan King Biggie?

The Alaskan King Biggie is a giant bed known for its massive proportions. It’s a perfect sleeping surface for families looking to explore the benefits of co-sleeping and upgrade their sleep experience.

2. How big is the Alaskan King Biggie mattress?

The Alaskan King Biggie mattress measures a jaw-dropping 144 inches wide and 108 inches long, making it one of the largest beds available.

3. How big is a Family XL Mattress?

The Family XL Mattress is 144 inches wide and 84 inches long, offering plenty of space for families to enjoy heartwarming slumber together.

4. Is Family Bed XL the largest bed on the market?

Although Family Bed XL has long been the largest bed on the market, that’s no longer the case. The Alaskan King Biggie has taken over, providing a sleep surface that’s 24” longer than the Family Bed XL.

5. What is bigger, Alaskan King Biggie or Family Bed XL?

Although both oversize mattresses can accommodate big families and pets, the Alaskan King Biggie surpasses the Family Bed XL in size, offering even more room for co-sleeping and family activities.

6. What’s the biggest king-size mattress on the market?

The Alaskan King Biggie holds the title of the biggest king-size mattress available. It’s so big that it can easily accommodate two adults, 3-4 children, and pets.

7. What are other Alaskan King bed sizes?

If the Alaskan King Biggie seems too big, we also have other Alaskan King bed sizes. That includes the original Alaskan King, Alaskan King Mini, Alaskan King Shorty, Alaskan King Shorty L, and Alaskan King Shorty XL.

Alaskan King Biggie vs. Family-Size Mattress: Which One to Buy?

The ultimate decision between the Alaskan King Biggie and Family-Size Mattress depends on your unique sleeping needs.

The Family-Size Mattress is excellent for large families, couples who need extra sleeping space, and people with pets. It’s also good if you don’t have enough room to accommodate the Alaskan King Biggie.

The Alaskan King Biggie is better for people who want the biggest king-size mattress, larger families, families with pets, and taller people. It provides an unmatched luxury and incredible sleep experience for your loved ones.

Check out the selection of our Alaskan King mattresses and discover the world of unparalleled comfort and luxury.