Alaskan King vs. California King: Which One Is Better for You?

Have you started looking into different bed and mattress sizes, and you are not sure which one you should get? In this blog post, we cover the differences between the Alaskan king and California king beds. Read on to learn all about them.

Alaskan King vs. California King: Size Comparison

The first thing you need to compare when looking for a bed or mattress is the size. The Alaskan king is the biggest of all oversized mattresses, and it features an incredible 11,664 square inches of sleeping surface. That’s enough sleeping space for the whole family.

In comparison, the California king has a sleep surface of “only” 6,048 square inches. Here is how they compare in size.

  • California King 72" Width x 84" Length
  • Alaskan King 108" Width x 108" Length

Alaskan king is square-shaped, compared to the rectangle shape of the California king. The Alaskan king is also 24” longer and 36” wider than the California king, which is a considerable size difference.

Alaskan King vs. California King: Bedroom Size Recommendation

Another thing you need to consider when buying a new bed is the size of your bedroom. The average bedroom size in the US is 11x12 feet, while master bedrooms are somewhat larger, standing at 14x16 feet.

The recommended room size for the Alaskan king is 16x16 feet, so you’ll need a master bedroom that’s bigger than the standard one. In comparison, the recommended room size for a California king bed is 10x12 feet. That means that it can fit into your regular bedrooms, guest rooms, and master bedrooms.

Who Should Buy the Alaskan King?

The Alaskan king bed is perfect for families that like sleeping together. It can comfortably fit two adults, two to three small children, as well as any furry friends. This bed provides enough space for everybody to stay comfortable during the night so that nobody gets disturbed when switching positions or going to the bathroom at night.

A big sleeping surface is perfect for couples with different sleeping schedules, as enough room provides an option of not waking up your partner when getting in or out of bed. It is also perfect for couples who simply want a larger sleeping surface so that they can spread out during the night.

The Alaskan king can be a good option for people over seven feet. They know how hard it is to find a bed where your feet won’t hang off the edge, and this one can be a perfect choice.

Lastly, the Alaskan King is great for people with pets, as the oversize mattress provides enough space for your furry friends to cuddle up together and sleep restfully.

Who Should Buy the California King?

With a length of 84”, the California king is an excellent option for taller individuals who need an extra few inches. It is suitable for solo sleepers who prefer extra space and couples who don’t mind sleeping close together, as California king is a little narrower than the standard king-sized bed.

Lastly, people with long and narrow rooms can have some trouble fitting in the square-shaped bed, which is why a rectangle-shaped one like the California king can be the perfect solution.

Which One to Choose?

Choosing the Alaskan or California king depends purely on your sleeping preferences, available space, and budget. You should get the Alaskan king if you need an oversized bed where your whole family can co-sleep. On the other hand, the California king may be a better option for singles or couples with a smaller bedroom.

The California king is a more affordable option, and you can find it in almost any mattress store, while the Alaskan king is more expensive and rare. Luckily, our online store has a selection of luxurious hand-crafted Alaskan king mattresses that can be an excellent addition to your bedroom. Check them out here and find your perfect model.