It's Game Night, in Bed

Sure, beds are essential for sleep; the number one priority to say the least. But you know that moment you get up and out of bed and look wistfully over at it wishing it was time to climb back in? Wist-away no more! Here are our top reasons for climbing back in for a fun day of connection and comfort with:

  • Your partner
  • Your kids
  • Your friends

Having a bit of fun on your 9x9 cloud just gave you a whole new reason to love your investment of an Alaskan King Bed even more.

Partner Games

Bringing a sense of play into your relationship is incredibly beneficial. We’re not talking about hard-to-get mind games nor power-mind games here. We’re hoping to bring a spark of child-like play, free from judgment and filled with fun.

Oftentimes, people underestimate the power of play in their relationship with their significant other. However, “giving yourself and your partner the space for play can enhance the relationship,” says AASECT-certified sex therapist De-Andrea Blaylock-Johnson, LCSW, CST.

Some of the incredible benefits to play within a relationship are:

  • Promotes overall health mitigating the effects of stress
  • Helps you be more present
  • Promotes physical and emotional intimacy
  • Promotes communication and problem-solving together

Get to know one another better with conversation style games:

Truth or Dare – a classic game no matter your age. Spice things up by asking juicy questions or sexy dares, or keep things PG with deep dives into embarrassing moments. Whichever you choose, know that truth or dare questions stay “in the vault”. What is said in bed, stays in bed. Get what I mean?

Two Truths and a lie – how well do you REALLY know each other. Say three things (2 of them are true, 1 is a lie) and your significant other has to point out which is the lie.

Never Have I Ever – A spin-off of the last, but make it themed this time, riffing off of one other in a travel-related round and then perhaps in a young relationship round. If you run out of ideas, keep a list like this one handy: The 250 Best "Never Have I Ever" Questions

Board & card games:

Twister – Nothing like getting physical and twisting into hilarious shapes to get your fun on!

Conversation Starter Cardsets – There are many conversation starter cards out, however here are a couple of favorites that stand out:

Our Moments Couples Edition – A game with questions intended to open your hearts and minds to enjoy one another.

Intimacy Deck by Itself - a fantastic way to build on your relationship based on one another’s love languages.

Games with Kids in Bed

There are many seasons in life and one that most parents are eager to get out of is when your kids want to fall asleep in your bed. Well, what if we started a revolution and said that sleeping in your bed was ok one night a week? A month? Uh, bi-weekly? You set the time, but embrace the season and be prepared with the best ways to soak in the precious moments with your little ones with these family-friendly games:

Hot Potato – A classic game that can include the youngest and the oldest in your clan. Nowadays they even sell a singing hot potato, but you can always have an adult play from their playlist and stop the song abruptly themselves while the group throws a plushy around the circle.

What’s on My Butt?! – Before climbing into bed, have the kiddos collect a handful of odd-shaped toys that they will subsequently place on your booty. You have to guess what’s on your butt! This one is definitely a crowd-pleaser and sure to make everyone’s sides hurt from laughing.

Stargazing – This one is perfect to help relax everyone and bring the energy down. You’ll need a dark room, a good flashlight, a colander, and/or any toy or object with small holes to shine the flashlight through. Enjoy your homemade stars on your ceiling and toy puppet shadows right before lights go out.

Games with Friends in Bed

Playing with friends in bed may not be the first place one would think to play, however, if you have a sweet setup ready to go, it may just be the only way to game from now on, especially if you and your friends are the gaming type. Firstly, it’s important to note that gaming has a myriad of benefits, so keep this list close at heart next time someone tells you something snarky about all your gaming:

  • Gaming can enhance memory
  • Gaming can improve your eyesight
  • Gaming can improve coordination

There are a host of studies being done in this field, a few of which you can read in this article entitled 5 Health Benefits of Playing Games According to Science. However, know that all good things should be done in moderation and when you’re gaming with a friend on top of your super comfy bed from time to time, you’re not only spending time bonding with your friend(s), but you’re also beating stress and anxiety together as well as cashing in on the other positive effects that are backed by science!

Should You Play Games in Bed?

There are a host of reasons why one should answer whether you should play games in bed with a resounding YES! However, if you’re still on the fence just know that there isn’t a small change of bedsheets and some calming essential oils diffused in your bedroom can’t resolve. The connections, memories, and comfort one would miss are too high a price to pay to not indulge in some bed-play. So we say – play on!