Tailoring Sleep to Athletes: Alaskan King Beds Deliver the Best Sleeping Experience

Standard-sized beds can’t meet the unique sleeping needs of tall professional athletes. It’s hard to get comfortable when your feet are hanging off the end of the bed, and your partner is taking up most of the space. As a result, many athletes fail to get the sleep they need.

Although sleep is vital for our health and well-being, it’s even more essential for athletes. That’s because proper rest is crucial for performance. In fact, it may be just as important as training.

At Alaskan King Bed Company, we understand the struggle to get the best possible sleep. So, we created a mission to redefine sleep for athletes, individuals, and families who value restful nights and optimal performance.

In this article, we’ll explore the importance of quality sleep for athletic performance, the unique challenges tall athletes encounter, and how Alaskan King beds are the perfect solution to your sleeping needs.

The Tall Athlete’s Struggle

Bedtime brings a set of unique challenges for tall athletes. Traditional bed sizes aren’t designed to accommodate their height or specific needs, which leaves them feeling out of place in their own beds. The result? Discomfort, restless nights, and fatigue, rather than the revitalizing rest crucial for athletic performance.

Just imagine trying to fit a 6’8” frame into a bed designed for someone ten inches shorter. It’s a recipe for discomfort, with limbs often hanging over the edge or feeling cramped. This lack of space can translate into an inability to fall asleep and poor sleep quality, which can significantly impact their performance during training and on the field.

In addition, athletes mostly have rigorous schedules, whether it’s intensive training sessions or the constant need to travel for games and competitions. Unfortunately, you can’t bring your bed with you wherever you go. But this makes it even more important to have superior comfort and support at home.

Lastly, the frustration may continue even when you get an oversize mattress and attempt to find high-quality bedding accessories tailored to larger bed sizes. The market often fails to offer the right solutions, leaving you with ill-fitting sheets and bedding that don’t match your needs.

Unfortunately, all of these factors cause athletes to sleep less on average than non-athletes. And to make things even worse, research indicates that lack of quality sleep increases the chances of sports injuries and concussions.

Sleep and Athletic Performance

Our bodies are like finely tuned machines that need regular maintenance to keep running at peak performance. And sleep is the time when your body and brain do the necessary care and repair to ensure everything runs smoothly.

During sleep, our brains shift through cycles with several phases, including light, slow-wave (deep), and REM (rapid eye movement). The deep stages of sleep are when the body releases 70% growth hormones, which are vital for muscle repair and growth.

Studies show that lack of sleep impairs muscle recovery and increases protein breakdown. That means that when you don’t get enough rest, your body starts to break down your muscles, which makes it hard to keep your physical performance at optimal levels.

A 2022 meta-analysis published in the Sports Medicine journal established that sleep loss (under six hours in a 24-hour period) had a negative impact on the speed, power, endurance, strength, and skill of athletes. Interestingly, this lack of sleep only affected performance during the PM hours, while morning exercises remained mostly unaffected.

Another meta-analysis found that sleep deprivation had a moderate impairing effect on endurance. However, longer exercise sessions (over 30 minutes) were much more affected than the shorter ones. But, lack of sleep doesn’t just impact the physical performance of athletes.

According to WebMD, sleep deprivation can cause low alertness and concentration. It becomes harder to focus and pay attention, which is essential for the overall performance of athletes. When you’re not able to concentrate and stay alert, you are much less likely to achieve the results you’re aiming for. In addition, lack of sleep leads to fatigue and moodiness, making you much more irritable.

Athletes know how important it is to be in the right mood and mindset to perform optimally. Luckily, increasing sleep duration at night or napping during the day are all effective ways to improve physical and mental performance for athletes.

So, let’s see how Alaskan King beds can help you do that.

Alaskan King Beds: Tailored for Athletes

At Alaskan King Beds Company, we understand the unique needs of tall individuals and pro athletes. That’s why we’ve designed our giant beds and mattresses with their bodies and needs in mind. Here’s how our premium-quality mattresses can help athletes:

Spacious Design

The standard Alaskan King mattress offers a massive sleeping surface of 9 feet by 9 feet, which is enough space for athletes to stretch out, ensuring legs no longer hang off the edge.

However, we also offer five more Alaskan King sizes, ranging from the Alaskan King Mini (96” x 96”) to the Alaskan King Biggie (144” x 108”). That way, we ensure that our giant mattresses meet the needs of all body frames.

The spacious design reduces the discomfort associated with standard-sized beds, providing the space needed for athletes to sleep soundly.

Quality Materials

All Alaskan King mattresses are handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail, using only the finest materials. As a result, our beds offer unmatched quality and durability. Athletes can rely on the longevity of our mattresses, ensuring proper support during rigorous daily routines for a long time.

Optimal Support and Comfort

A mattress should provide a perfect balance of support and comfort to ensure the best-quality rest. Alaskan King mattresses do just that, as the unique design, premium quality materials, and expert craftsmanship perfectly cater to athletes’ needs for optimal support and comfort.

Our giant mattresses provide an even weight distribution and pain point relief, reducing the risk of aches and pains. That way, athletes can enjoy deep, uninterrupted sleep that will ensure proper muscle recovery and boost performance.

The Complete Package: Oversize Bedding Accessories for Athletes

Even after finding the perfect oversized mattress to meet their unique needs, athletes continue to struggle as they search for appropriate oversized bedding that matches the size and quality of their bed. Standard-sized sheets, comforters, mattress protectors, and duvet covers are simply inadequate and can affect overall comfort.

That’s why we’ve created a range of bedding essentials specifically tailored to meet the giant size of Alaskan King beds. We offer a convenient, one-stop shopping experience for athletes, providing everything you need to complete a perfect sleep setup.

Just like our mattresses, our bedding accessories are crafted using premium-quality materials to guarantee longevity and unmatched comfort. Our fitted sheets are designed to perfectly match the size and dimensions of Alaskan King mattresses, ensuring a snug, tailored fit. You only have to choose between bamboo and cotton, with both options providing a luxurious and comfortable fit.

Our comforters are generously sized to cover the expansive mattress, providing warmth and comfort throughout the night, and our mattress protectors will keep your mattress looking brand new for years.

Ready to Improve Your Sleep Quality and Athletic Performance?

The link between sleep and athletic performance is undeniable, and quality sleep is non-negotiable for athletes. It’s the secret sauce that can elevate your game, help you recover faster, and sharpen your mental edge.

Alaskan King mattresses are designed to provide a bigger sleeping surface and ultimate support and comfort for athletes and tall individuals. We handcraft them with premium quality materials while paying attention to even the smallest details. As a result, our mattresses can help athletes finally get the sleep they deserve.

Explore our range of Alaskan King mattresses and bed frames and take the first step toward achieving a better sleep experience for the ultimate athletic performance.