How to Create an Outdoor Space Where You’ll Want to Spend Most of Your Time

Spending time outside is great for your physical and mental well-being. The natural light, fresh air, and serene surroundings can put you in a good mood and support your health.

However, it’s not always easy to incorporate outdoor activities into your hectic schedule. Luckily, an outdoor space can help you create an oasis of comfort where you’ll be able to bask in the sun during the week.

Here are a few ideas and guidelines on how to turn your unused outdoor space into an inviting haven that encourages you to step outside and enjoy the benefits of nature without the need to venture far.

How to Get Inspiration for Decorating Your Outdoor Space

The best place to look for inspiration is in your neighborhood. Walk around the block and look for outdoor spaces you love. Keep in mind the size of your backyard, patio, or balcony when stealing ideas. Some things may look great in your neighbor’s yard but wouldn’t fit well within your outdoor space.

Your outdoor space should be all about relaxing, so try to think of the places where you feel the most at ease. Past vacations are a good source, so try to remember the colors, plants, smells, and other things that helped you feel more relaxed. Or maybe you had a little something like a backyard swing while growing up. So, adding one to your outdoor space can make it feel more like home.

Lastly, you can always search for inspiration online and in magazines. These places have great ideas for decorating your outdoor space, and you can often find perfect missing pieces there.

Think of Your Outdoor Space as a Room Without Walls

Most people don’t know where to start when decorating their outdoor space. The best idea is to treat it like a room without walls and break down your choices for each element you want outside.

You should start with a focal point that anchors the space. For most outdoor spaces, that’s furniture. You can select your favorite set and position it however you like. Just remember to leave enough room for all outdoor activities you want to practice.

Now, it’s time to add plants. The green color is soothing to our eyes, and different smells can also help us unwind. Depending on your space, you can add flowering archways, trees, hanging pots, or taller plants to anchor the corners of smaller areas. Another great idea is adding a wall of hanging ivy, as it can make the space cozier and create a more private atmosphere.

The last important thing for your outdoor space is lighting. We are big fans of string lights because they create a unique romantic atmosphere, perfect for enjoying a glass of wine after work. You’ll need a solid frame where you’ll be able to hang them. Solar-powered lights are always the best idea because they are good for the environment and you don’t have to worry about an outlet.

Decorate Your Outdoor Space to Add Life to It

Once you’ve added anchors and framed your outdoor space, it’s time to add decorations and functional elements to tie it all together. For instance, rugs are a perfect way to add a little color and break up a neutral color scheme. They draw attention and create distinct spaces, which is vital for creating a more vibrant look.

Pillows are another great way to add more color to your outdoor space. You should always look for water-resistant pillowcases, or you can coat your favorite pillows with a hydrophobic spray.

You can add smaller plants to compliment the rest of your space with different shades of color. The trick is to research what plants thrive in your climate and figure out your favorite in-season plants. For example, you may have loved jasmine’s smell during that summer in Greece, but you may not be able to grow it in your backyard.

Lastly, it’s time to consider the functionality. Adding a barbeque smoker, pizza oven, drink station, or another element can be an excellent idea. Again, think about what you enjoy doing and what’s easy to implement. Most of us love food, so things that allow us to make dinner outside are our favorite.

Consider Outdoor Activities

Although you’ll spend most of your time outdoors relaxing, you may also want to consider other activities. For instance, adding a projector screen on the wall is perfect for romantic movie nights.

The great thing is that it can be anything you want. Think about your hobbies or what you enjoy doing in your spare time. Maybe you want to start a small garden, so you can dedicate a part of your backyard for that.

Or perhaps you want to buy a table tennis table to distract your kids from their phones for a bit. Even a small fire pit can make a big difference and lead to many memorable late-night conversations.

Don’t Forget to Enjoy Your Outdoor Space

There are endless possibilities for your backyard, balcony, or patio. The great thing is that you don’t have to transform it all at once. You can start a redecorating project and do it step by step. First, clear everything up, then add furniture and lighting. Next, you can slowly add decorations and plants, and save hobbies and extras for last. Take your time and enjoy the process. In the end, you’ll have a beautiful outdoor space where your whole family will want to spend time.