10 Easy and Creative DIY Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

Halloween is almost here, and your kids still don’t have costumes. You can take them shopping, but the good stuff is already gone, and they most likely won’t pick out anything that’s left. So, the only option is to get crafty.

Here you can find ten ideas for quick last-minute Halloween costumes your kids will love. The best part is that you can design them together and enjoy spending some quality family time.

1. Mermaid Costume

The Little Mermaid trailer hit the internet a little more than a month ago, and the kids loved it. Although the movie is coming out next year, your little ones may want to go as mermaids this Halloween. And the costume is super easy to make.

All you need is a colorful wig, a green long-sleeve shirt, a blue recycling bag, glue, and cupcake liners in two colors. Fold the cupcake liners in half, cut an opening on the end of the recycling bag, and start gluing the liners at the bottom while making sure they overlap and alternate in color. Continue until the whole bag is covered, and you have a quick and creative mermaid costume your kids will love.

2. Plant Costume

Is your kid obsessed with trees and nature? Then they will love this simple plant costume. All you need is a basket wide enough for hips and legs to fit through comfortably; and some additional supplies.

Cut two holes in the bottom of the basket for the legs, make two shoulder straps out of green ribbon, and tape them to the basket. Then download some templates of your kid’s favorite leaf pattern. We recommend the Monstera plant, as it has really unique leaves.

Trace the pattern onto green paper, and cut. For the stems, you can glue together the straws and reinforce them with green duct tape as needed. Glue everything together, and it’s showtime. Have your kid wear a green shirt and brown pants to complete the costume.

3. Lego Costume

A Lego costume is one of the easiest last-minute options because you can make it with the things you have in your home. All you need is a big cardboard box your kid can fit into, some spray paint, glue, can lids, and matching color pants and hoodie.

Once you pick the color, spray paint the box and the can lids. Then cut the holes on the box for the head and arms, and glue the can lids to the front side. And that’s it; you can have this costume ready in less than 30 minutes.

4. Pizza Costume

Dressing up as food is so much fun, especially if it’s the food your kids love the most. You can make this slice of pizza costume in less than an hour with a few supplies. You’ll need dough-colored felt, colored paper or fabrics for the toppings, and glue.

First, you need to measure your child’s shoulder width. Next, add another 10-12 inches, which will be the top of your pizza slice. Then measure from the neck down to your child’s shins. Use these measures to make two triangles out of dough-colored felt. Sew the top together while leaving an opening for the head. Next, you can sew the sides but leave room for the arms.

Cut the toppings out of the colored paper or fabrics, and glue them on the front side. Let your kid choose the toppings, like they are making their own delicious pizza.

5. Scarecrow Costume

A scarecrow costume is the perfect last-minute option for your toddler or kid. All you need is denim overalls, a plaid shirt, a floppy burlap hat, and some decorations. You can use sunflowers, leaves, straws, and patches to decorate the denim overalls and prepare this costume.

Finding a scarecrow hat may not be easy. However, you can make one if you have some extra time. Here is an excellent video on how to do it.

6. Skeleton Costume

Skeleton costumes never go out of fashion, and the kids love them. So if your kid has been playing “Spooky Scary Skeletons” on repeat, it’s time to try a skeleton costume. And the best part is you can make them with minimal effort.

All you need is a black long-sleeve shirt and sweatpants, some white duct tape, paper, and scissors. First, tear pieces of duct tape and place them where the bones are. Then, draw the shape of the bones, peel and cut them, and re-stick them back on the shirt and sweatpants. Next, use scissors to cut the skull mask out of paper.

You can also use fluorescent tape for a more effective skeleton costume.

7. Unicorn Costume

A unicorn is one of the all-time favorite costumes for Halloween because it’s easy to make, and everybody loves it. You need a white onesie or hoodie and leggings, some white foam paper, colorful yarns, white fabrics, and glue.

Make the horn out of white foam paper and glue it to the top of the hood. Then make the ears out of white felt, and glue them to the side of the hood. Finally, mix some colorful threads for the tail and mane, and glue them appropriately. This costume is quick and easy, and your kid will love trick-or-treating as a unicorn.

8. Hot Air Balloon Costume

A hot air balloon costume is another simple yet creative idea for a last-minute Halloween costume. You need a medium-sized box, duct tape, ribbon, balloons, a helium tank, and small paper bags.

Fold the top and bottom of the box to the inside and tape them together. Create straps from ribbon or duct tape and glue them on. You can spray paint or decorate the box based on how much time you have.

Then, take the paper bags, fill them with paper, and tie them with a ribbon. Tape them on the sides of the box to create sandbags. Finally, blow up the balloons with helium and use ribbon and glue to attach them to the box.

9. Jane Goodall Costume

Good role models are vital for your kids, and who better than Jane Goodall? For this simple costume, you’ll need a khaki shirt, cargo pants, a stuffed monkey, binoculars, a belt, and brown boots. Let your kid get dressed, and their costume is ready.

You can sew animal patches on their shirt for an extra effect.

10. Mona Lisa Painting Costume

Although your kids probably don’t appreciate the fine arts just yet, they may have a great time trick-or-treating as Mona Lisa painting. In addition, this costume is super easy, so you won’t have to spend hours making it.

Simply find an old frame and print a picture or find a poster of the Mona Lisa painting. Make sure the frame is light, as they’ll need to carry it around for the evening. Then, cut the face out and put the picture in the frame. Your kid will also need a black dress to complete the costume.