Can a Giant Bed Bring a Family Closer Together?

In prehistoric times, families slept together for warmth and security, and it helped people from the same tribe feel like a part of the family. Of course, they didn’t have a giant mattress to sleep on, but they understood the importance of being close together and feeling safe.

Today, it seems like we need to rediscover these habits and teach the children the meaning of family from an early age. That’s why more parents have decided to switch to an oversize bed, where the whole family can sleep together.

The most popular giant bed options include family bed, family bed XL, Alaskan king bed, and Wyoming king bed. Read on to discover more about every oversize mattress from this list, and learn whether co-sleeping with your kids is a good option.

Alaskan King Mattresses


Can a Giant Bed Bring a Family Closer Together?

How Big Is the Alaskan King Bed?

The Alaskan king bed is the original oversize mattress, and it first appeared in the 1960s or 1970s after the California king bed became so popular. That showed mattress manufacturers the need for bigger sleeping surfaces, and they decided to create this giant bed.

The original Alaskan king mattress is 108” long and 108” inches wide. It can comfortably fit the whole family, as it provides enough room for two adults, 2-3 children, and pets. That’s why this oversize bed became so popular among families looking to co-sleep.

In addition to the original Alaskan king, manufacturers like the Alaskan King Bed Company offer a few variations of this giant bed. That includes Alaskan king mini, Alaskan king shorty, and Alaskan king shorty L.

The Alaskan King Mini

The Alaskan king mini bed is 96” long and 96” inches wide. That makes it perfect for smaller families or those who don’t have a room big enough to fit the original Alaskan king.

But don’t let the word “mini” fool you; this is still a giant mattress. It can accommodate two adults and 1-2 children, with enough space for pets at the foot of the bed.

Some manufacturers offer the Alberta king, which is essentially the same size as our Alaskan king mini. So, don’t feel confused if you see the name Alberta king anywhere, as it is a 96” x 96” giant bed.

The Alaskan King Shorty

The Alaskan king shorty is 108” wide and 80” long. This size is popular among families who like a lot of sleeping space but don’t need extra room at the foot of the bed. It can still accommodate two adults, with 2-3 children. However, you won’t have too much room for your pets, so you’ll need to snuggle a little closer.

The Alaskan king shorty is the same size as the family bed. So if you see this name while browsing through the selection of other manufacturers, remember that it’s the same as the Alaskan king shorty bed.

The Alaskan King Shorty L

The newest addition to the Alaskan King Bed Company family is the Alaskan king shorty L (coming soon). It is 108” wide and 84” long, making it perfect for families with taller members (over 6’ 2”).

The Alaskan king shorty L provides more space than the standard Alaskan king shorty, which can be great for families with three kids or bigger pets. So, if you don’t quite have the bedroom space for the full Alaskan king, this giant bed is an excellent option.

Family Bed and Family Bed XL

Many giant bed manufacturers offer two more oversize mattress options for co-sleeping families: family bed and family bed XL.

The family bed is the same size as our Alaskan king shorty, measuring 108” in width and 80” in length. Similarly, it can accommodate two adults, 2-3 children, and your furry best friends. It’s perfect for anyone who doesn’t have the room for the additional 28” offered by the original Alaskan king mattress or those who don’t need extra legroom.

If we’re talking about giant mattresses, then family bed XL takes the first prize. It is 144” wide and 84” long, offering a massive sleeping surface. That makes the family bed XL perfect for bigger families with many children and pets who all like to sleep together. This oversize bed provides enough room for everyone and is ideal for relaxing without feeling cramped.

Keep in mind that the Alaskan King Bed Company doesn’t handcraft family bed XL at the moment, and our biggest size is the Alaskan king. However, the Alaskan king oversize mattress still fulfills the co-sleeping needs of most US families.

Why Is Co-Sleeping a Good Idea for Families?

Some toddlers can transition from a crib to a bed when they turn 18 months, while others need a little longer, usually no longer than 30 months. After they start sleeping on their own, almost every kid goes through that phase where they come to your bedroom at night looking to sleep with you. They usually want more attention, so why not give it to them from the start.

Have you noticed that animals always sleep together in the wild?

The simple explanation is that this builds a bond between members of the packs, making them feel accepted and secure. Although we have come a long way since sleeping in the wild, our brains are still hardwired the same way. So, by sleeping together with your family, you build intimacy, trust, and bond between all members. That includes your dogs, cats, and any other pets you have.

Buying an oversize mattress brings other benefits, including:

Where Can I Buy a Giant Bed?

There is a reason why so many parents go for giant beds and co-sleeping – it brings the family closer together without compromising the sleep quality.

The Alaskan King Bed Company saw the importance of family bonds, which inspired us to design and handcraft premium oversize beds. We currently offer the Alaskan king, Alaskan king mini, Alaskan king shorty, and Alaskan king shorty L.

All of our giant beds have several things in common; they feel homey, they are handcrafted using top-quality materials, and they offer premium comfort for the ultimate family sleeping experience.

Visit our online store to discover our top-rated Alaskan bed frames and mattresses. There, you’ll be able to browse our models and select the size you prefer and other options like the firmness level.

The best times happen in the bedroom.